Wedding Photography

We provide wedding photography services with consistent delivery of professionalism with a touch of modishness. It is quite difficult in Indian wedding to catch the desired moment as the guests are quite busy in greeting and meeting others to overcome this problem we appear on the wedding day with multiple photographers and that is how we try to be everywhere possible.

We are widely known for bundling innovating wedding photography with creative yet professional services along with media that takes whole wedding experience to a different new level. Your wedding is the most precious day of your life and we will make it perfect by removing every flaw possible while capturing moments.
Clicker Studio
Clicker Studio

Candid Photgraphy

Your wedding is the milestone of your life and for those who are related to you so why not hire professionals to capture these magical moments. Indian wedding ceremonies are special of their own, with never ending stories and admire-able moments to capture. Clicker studio ensures that our candid wedding photography preserves every precious memory for a lifetime.

We follow an approach in which we shoot your wedding moments as we are making an interesting story with very unique prospective, that is how we are able to create a difference in our photography in wedding occasions. Our photographers capture the much more than just the presence of audience or attendants in an event.

Pre-Wedding Photography

Wedding is the most exciting & enjoyable event of an individual’s life. Wedding occasion brings lots of happiness, colors and emotions to the majority of people. To capture the right moment with the perfect pose is quite challenging as it demands focus and skills to freeze natural sentiments in a photograph. Clicker studio gives what it takes to make fabulous pre-wedding album.

We want you to relive every moment while you flip through the pages of pictures that we have captured. It is a saying that “Weddings are made in heaven” and we strive to make it beautiful for you to remember. Most of the preference is given to the wedding day, but pre-wedding gets the ignorance pretty much all the time.
Clicker Studio
Clicker Studio

Kid's Photgraphy

Photographing children can sometimes be a challenging task, since children typically do not like posing for the camera. Everything happens way too fast, making it extremely difficult for the photographer to capture the moment. To most parents, even just the idea of having our young children photographed is a stressful one.

Clicker studio for Kids photography is completely designed to ease your worries and give you the opportunity to have beautiful pictures of your family, without the worry. With our photography Sessions, you are reserved a time block, granting you the flexibility to change the session time by 60 minutes on photo day, in case your child naps at an unexpected time.

Interior Photography

Your home for all things Design. Home Tours ... This is why, when it comes to interior photography, it is best to use only natural light. As you know, interior decoration photography deals with particular decoration aspects of a structure or place – like the renderings of a circular stairway.

Interior decoration photography, on the other hand, focuses on the interiors of that structure, including the pieces of furniture, the walls and decors sprinkled around the place. Taken as one, they complement each other.
Clicker Studio
Clicker Studio

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a type of photography that focuses on taking photographs of wildlife, or non-domesticated animals. This type of photography is important not only for its artistic value, but also for its scientific value as well. Preserving these natural settings and this wildlife can be rather difficult, but there are now programs in place to help prevent this .

In the meantime, however, some professionals are using this time to preserve this precious wildlife in a different way – with photographs. We shoot photographs of wild animals in their natural surroundings. We are opportunists, meaning that they photograph any animal that happens across their paths.